Product Types

Below are types of products that can be sold in Orimiri:
1) Simple Products: These types of products are simple and have no variants. They are single and standalone products, which does not require any other information to define different variants. It can be downloadable, visual. It can be a shipping product like the rest below.

2) Variable Products: This is a product that has different types of variants. For example, you might want to sell a dress which is available in 3 different colours and sizes. So this option will enable you to add the colours and sizes you need. You can add variations based on anything you like, perhaps the material used or the stitching style.

3)Grouped Product:It is a group of related products which share some common attributes like features, use, production processes etc. It could also sometimes be the market or customer segment in which these products are sold or the prices at which they are offered. Many product groups combine to make a product line.

4)External/Affiliate Product:This type is the one you can create product and redirect them to your Affiliate sites.

5) Booking services: This is for hotels, Airline and event planning centers who wish to sell tickets via out marketplace.

6) Auction Services: This is for those who wish to auction their products.